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TOPS 2018-2019

Application Process

Any application received after September 1 will be consider in the November disbursement.
 Warning!! -- If you have applied with TOPS before do not use this application. It will cause duplicate accounts and void your application. Go to the following link: Reapply, login and update your information.

Preparation: If you have not already done so, please take a minute to review the criteria information here: “General Information

People who should apply here:

1. Those who have attended a public/charter school last year. You will need a completed copy of the Public-School Verification Form. This should be completed by that school.

2. Those who have attended a private school last year but did not apply with TOPS. You will need a copy of the award letter/email or verification form if you receive a scholarship from some other organization.

3. Those who are entering as a kindergartener. You will not need to upload any documents.

4. Those who homeschooled or attended an out of state school. You will not need to upload any documents.

Paperwork: Be sure to have all documents you may need to upload at the time of the application. The application will not be accepted without them. You can find what documents you may need on the “General Information” page. If you do not have these documents, please gather those documents first before proceeding with the application. If you do not submit the required documents within this application, your child will only be approved for the Individual Tax Credit despite the fact they may qualify for other programs. We will not be contacting you for these documents. This is your responsibility.

Process: Once you enter the Application process you will be guided through five sections. Once each section is completed, select the “button” at the bottom left side of the page to proceed to the next section. These sections are:

Section #1. Personal & Login Information

Section #2. Child Applicant Information

Section #3. Household and Financial Information & Agreement Statements

Section #4. Financial Hardship Information

Section #5. Document Uploads

Proper Submission: Once you have completed all sections at the end of Section 5, “Document Uploads”, you will see the “Submit Application” button. Select that to submit your application. Once it is submit correctly, you will see a “Thank You” page, and you will receive an email informing you that your application was submitted successfully.

(Please note you cannot go back to a section once it has been completed. If you find you have mistakenly entered the wrong information you will have to start the process all over again. So, please be very careful. If you realize you need to correct some information after the application has been sent you can send the corrected information to ).